Friday, 3 April 2009

Once found, never lost!
Hello everybody!
Did you image that you could lose youself in a virtual place, too?And that sometimes this is so easy?...
I found the task about evaluating online sources really very interesting. I already knew some of the criteria you should follow to decide whether online information is trustworthy or not. Specifically, I always follow these basic rules:
-who is the author? Is s/he known?If not, could s/he de considered authoritative?
-do cross-referencing to see if you can find the same information in other places
-once found a trustworthy source, I use links in it because I presume these are trustworthy, too.
However, in class we pointed out other criteria that you have to keep in mind when searching the Web. Besides that, our English teacher showed us some tools where you are provided with information already filtered. I find them very useful,and by now I'm going to use them often and often. The Web is so wide that it's impossible that you find what you want immediately. Searching Google Blogs, Google Books, and Google Scholar you know what kind of information you retrieve: blogs, books, or academic writings and articles. Finally, it's quite obvious that the importance of these three sources changes in accordance to the work I'm doing. If you have to write your thesis it's much better if you search for books and authoritative articles (even if reliable information can be found in blogs, too); on the contrary, if you want for example to see how language is used on the blogosphere, it's better if you go through other blogs. Once you retrieved the information that interests you, you can then save it as a bookmark on Delicious. In this way, you can have a look at it whenever you want, wherever you are, thus avoiding losing time, or, even worse ... losing yourself on the Web!!!
I'm curious to know what you think about it! By now it's time to retrieve the material for my thesis!
See you soon,

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Anny on 7 April 2009 at 09:37 said...

Hi Michela!
I found also your title very nice as it caught my attention and interest.
You clearly underlined all the aspects our teacher explained in class and I found this task very useful too. I agree with the distinction you made between books, articles and blogs, where the use of the language is very different and our searches should change according to our final aim.
As you are searching your material for the thesis I wish you a good work and I am sure that these distinction we made in class will be useful.
See you soon,

Elisabetta on 7 April 2009 at 12:40 said...

Hi Michela!
I lost myself on the Web searching for some information soooooo many times that I really appreciated your post!And now with all our new knowledge this is going to happen no more ;-)
I agree with you about what you wrote about evaluating sources and the importance of Delicious. I often find very long articles on the Internet that are important for my thesis and now I'm able to look at them every time I want. About your thesis, I wanted to suggest to you Bloglines,too. Indeed, I found many interesting information for my thesis in blogs, for example links and titles of books linked to my argument...let me now if you found something interesting, too ;-)


Cristina P. on 8 April 2009 at 03:57 said...

Hi Michela!
I agree with what you wrote. This course is helping us in many ways...this time with the research of material. Let me tell you the truth...I didnt'know the existence of Google Books and Google Scholar...but I simply searched for my material with google...
Like you've said, these two search engines could be very useful for our thesis, considering that we have to search for authoritative material.

See you soon

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