Thursday, 12 March 2009

Reflecting about blogs...
Hi everybody!
This is my very first blog experience! However, I must say my initial, general impressions are positive! Even if I hate to use computer and technology in general, and I'm among those very few people who haven't participated in social networks yet, I really want to enjoy this opportunity as much as possible, and I think that a good approach is important to experience things which one isn't so familiar with. I must admit that I much prefer old ways of communication because I'm a very traditional person, but I also believe that social networks as well as blogs have their positive aspects: besides being modern means of communication that most people use (so, for example, if you want to improve your social life, share common interests, or simply feel less alone, they can really help you), they also give their users the possibility to exchange useful, reliable information. In conclusion, as far as this blog experience is concerned, I aim to improve my computer, technical competences as well as my language skills. I already noticed that language blog is very different from the language we learn at school or at University: people using it have their own style so that language changes a lot even in the same blog. Personally, I hope to learn more about colloquial English, about idiomatic expression that you normally don't find in standard language. So my target is to be as active as possible and read, read, read ... I finally hope to have much fun in creating my blog according to my personality in order to expess myself.
That's all!

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